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Social Security Administration Consent for Release of Information Form Approved OMB No. 09600566 Instructions for Using this Form Complete this form only if you want us to give information or records
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hello everyone Ive got a question from the audience but I think everyone will like and it will be a good way to bring back the show after a long pause so stand by hello everyone and now its time to welcome back the show after a month-long pause please forgive me for getting sick and having all kinds of stuff going on its been quite an eventful month that has precluded me from being able to record please forgive me for that its then lets just say eventful theres been a lot going on and like I said please forgive me for that and lets just roll right along Ive got a question from a viewer I hope he doesnt mind me reading his comment since he did post it on a public forum Im going to assume he doesnt mind this is from Shane Wolfe hes asking about the episode where I was talking about having VA ratings reassessed he says does this apply to active duty assessment if you were men bordered on active duty in his particular case he had a 10 rating from the Army and a 100 overall rating from the VA he looks like he had Im just assuming here based on the ratings here that he had a 10 rating for Im guessing migraines and VA rating is based on TBI PTSD and some other things and he was given a Department of Defense Form 294 and is wondering what to do the Department of Defense Form 294 is application for review by a physical disability board and I told him to hold off because there are some stuff going on here and he probably have some in-depth information specifically on what to do now what Im about to say applies to more than just chain wolf here this almost has Shane Black for some reason theres a another person I helped named Shane black and so if I say black please forgive me Im talking Shane wolf but sometimes I slip up all right so chain wolf this applies to you but this also applies to a lot of reservists out there with similar situation you have one particular type of rating from one agency the Department of the army you also have another type of rating from another agency the Veterans Administration theyre completely separate they do have overlapping effects on each other and in your case you were separated from the Army because you could not perform your job you were an infantryman as you said in a later comment on YouTube and that was a problem everything for an infantryman is a problem if you cant do your job then you are separated and before I go on I will say for those of you listening in podcast form there are some visual things coming up I will do my best to explain whats going on but please forgive me there will be some visual things and you wont be able to see those but there will be some resources available in the show notes so that you can see those later if you come and look at it so lets move on all right so Shana has these problems going on and hes wondering what do in fact at one point he says is there a point whats the point should I even bother with trying anything with the Department of the army well actually I do talk about this in...